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OK Blasters is located conveniently south of I-40 at the corner of south-west 29th st and south council road. We offer industrial and domestic blasting services at our location. We care about our customers and it shows. With experience blasting machine tools, oil field parts, heavy equipment, cars, car parts, and home projects no job is to big or to small.

Blasting a part

What we offer our customers:
  • Industrial Sandblasting
  • Domestic Blasting
    • Cars
    • Car Parts
    • Trailers
    • Home Projects: such as pots and pans
    • Etcetera
  • Alternate Blasting media
    • Walnut Shells
    • Glass Beeds
    • Other media upon request
  • Large Area Access
  • Attentive Customer Care
  • Experienced Personnel
  • Small and large blasting capabilities
Please contact us for a quote. There are a lot of considerations that determine how long it will take us to complete your project. Some of the considerations are size of the project or items, intricacies (small details) in the part, amount of paint or rust needed to removed and the thickness of the materials.
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